Selim And Zehra Get To Know Our Prophet

The series, which is prepared for children aged 5 and above, to learn about the Prophet with love, consists of 10 books:

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The series, which is prepared for children aged 5 and above, to learn about the Prophet with love, consists of 10 books:

In the first of our series, A Sun Has Risen to Mecca; We are going to the age of ignorance. We witness how everything changes with the birth of a rose-scented baby; We learn about the Prophet’s family and learn that we should say “alaihis-salâm” when his name is mentioned.

In the second book of the series, Good-Natured Young Man, we see our Master grow up to be a loved, trusted and different adult; We go back to the days when he traded with his uncle Abu Talib.

In the third book of the series, Kaaba Arbitration; It goes back to the time when our Prophet met and married Hazrat Khadija. We learn why he was called “Al-Amin” and the incident of replacing the Hacerü’l Esved stone.

Our fourth book, The First Revelation, tells about our Lord receiving the first “read” command in the Hira Cave. It teaches the concepts of revelation, alaq, and benevolent and deals with the period when the prophethood of our Prophet began.

Our fifth book, The Invitation; We learn about our Master’s effort to explain the unity of Allah and His commands to other people after he became a prophet, and the people who believed in him and became the first Muslims. We witness the evil done by those who do not believe in our Prophet and the first prayer performed in the Kaaba.

In the sixth book of the series, The Difficult Years; It tells about what the Makkan polytheists did to Muslims and the “Year of Sorrow” when the Prophet’s wife, Khadija and her uncle Abu Talib passed away.

In Hegira, the seventh book of the series; It tells about the fact that our Prophet had to emigrate, explaining Islam to the people of Madinah, and the tremendous event that he lived with Hazrat Abu Bakr in the Cave of Sèvres.

The eighth book in the series, Medina Days, deals with the brotherly life of Muslims from Medina and Mecca. The Battles of Badr and Uhud and the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah, which were fought with the bad people in Mecca, are told.

In our ninth book, The Conquest of Mecca; It tells about the capture of Mecca, the conversion of even bad people to Islam due to the unique mercy of our Prophet, the breaking of idols in the Kaaba and the first adhan recited by Bilal in the Kaaba.

The Farewell, the last book in the series; It tells the strengthening of Muslims, establishment and expansion of the Islamic state; It deals with the advice of our Prophet to humanity on Mount Arafat and his death after he came to Medina.

The fact that the grandfather and grandmother characters of our series try to educate their grandchildren with the morals of our Prophet is a beauty that every parent should take as an example. Our works also give important pedagogical and moral messages to the children.

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Mevsimler Writing Team ( Selçuk ALKAN & Ercan KOKSAL )


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160 pages ( 10 Book )


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